Open today until 5pm

7th Biennial FOOTPRINT International Exhibition 2020

September 13 through November 22, 2020

Our 7th Biennial FOOTPRINT International Exhibition is NOW open and available for visitors by appointment. Anyone wishing to see the show, please call or email CCP at (203) 899-7999 or to check availability.

The Center for Contemporary Printmaking’s Footprint International Competition 2020, is an opportunity for the presentation of current trends and innovations in contemporary printmaking within the bounds of the one square foot (12” x 12”) configuration. The square format was uncommon in art until the advent of abstraction and presents distinct challenges of composition and expression. Within these precise limits, artists must confront a space and create visual order and formal structure.

This year’s juror, Jane Kinsman, Distinguished Adjunct Curator, previously Senior Curator of International Prints, Drawings and Illustrated Books, National Gallery of Australia, reviewed 319 print submissions from 180 artists representing eighteen countries. Kinsman selected 95 works from 91 artists representing 21 states and 13 countries.

Click here to view the exhibition prints online in ISSU.



First Place & Awagami Paper Prize: Christine Aaron, Path
Second  Place: Anna Trojanowska, PAMIĘĆ MIĘŚNIOWA_2 (MUSCLE MEMORY_2)
Third Place: Kyle Chaput, Rio Bravo III-III
Third Place: Joanna Anos, Had We World Enough (Four Corners)

Honorable Mention: Sandra Cardillo, City Framework-7
Honorable Mention: Chris Lawry, Road Trip in Western Victoria, Dust

Binnie Birstein Memorial Prize: Jane Cooper, Postlude
Binnie Birstein Memorial Prize: Barry Goldstein, Sunset @ Kiawah



Christine Aaron, NY / Joanna Anos, IL / Andrea Baatz, NY / Adrienne Beacham, ME / Laura Benedetti, OR / Shirley Bernstein, CT / Marian Bingham, CT / Casey Blanchard, VT / Jean Allemeier Boot, MI / Georg Bothe, Germany / Agathe Bouton, PA / Laurie D Brown, WA / Rachel Bruya, MN / Karen Brussat Butler, CT / Sandra Cardillo, MA / Kyle Chaput, TX / Diane Cherr, NY / Jane Cooper, NY / Andrea Cote, NY / Stephen Da Lay, MO / Kathleen DeMeo, CT / Henry Korwald, Germany / Katharine Draper, CT / Alanna Fagan, CT / Beth Fein, CA / David Fine, NY / Robin Fruchter, NJ / Ron Fundingsland, CO / Linda Dubin Garfield, PA / Patricia Giraud, OR / Rod Goertzen, Canada / Barry Goldstein, NC / Holly Hawthorn, CT / Carissa Heinrichs, WI / Fran Henry – Meehan, CT / Valeria Rachel Herrera, NY / Jamie Hoffer, CA / Adam Hogarth, United Kingdom / Claire Illouz, France / Yukio Ito, Japan / Julianna Joos, Canada / T. Klacsmann, NY / Melanie Kohler, CT / Chris Lawry, Australia / Andrew Lawson, TX / Ellen Lazarus, NY / Channing Lefebvre, NY / Dawn Leone, NY / Suzanne Lewis, RI / Judith Long, ME / Ana López-Montes, Mexico / Cynthia MacCollum, CT / Bernadette Madden, Ireland / Helene Manzo, NY / Leonardo Marenghi, Italy / Andre Matyushin, Russia / John McKaig, PA / Susan Miiller, NY / Emmanuel Monzies, France / Joseph Moore, MA / Meaghan Morrow, CT / Danuta Muszynska, OR / Nanako Nagai, Japan / Ivan Ninov, Bulgaria / Malgorzata Oakes, NY / Heidi Palmer, CT / DeAnn Prosia, NJ / Gervasio Robles Hurtado, South Africa / Agustin Rojas, Canada / Christiane Roy, Canada / Amy Sands, MN / Martin Schumacher, MA / Ellen Shattuck Pierce, MA / Lynita Shimizu, CT / Christopher Shore, NY / Amy Silberkleit, NY / Mike Sonnichsen, ID / Rossen Stanoev, Bulgaria / Pat Stevens, OR / Roger Sutcliffe, Canada / Jami Taback, CA / Gilead Tadmor, MA / Melinda Tepler, NY / Adrian Tio, MA / Anna Trojanowska, Poland / Sergei Tsvetkov, MA / Joshua Unikel, TX / Jen Watson, UT / Carolyn Webb, MA / Joyce Ellen Weinstein, NY / Yuemei Zhang, CT






Anyone wishing to see the show in person, please call or email CCP at (203) 899-7999 or to check availability.