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Dear Members,

Throughout our lives, we absorb ideas and experiences and reformulate them into a uniquely personalized view of the world. No two people share the same influences or are impacted by the same events. In this exhibition, I ask you to explore that person or event which has made a significant impact on you or your work and visually represent that through print.

In addition (ah yes!) I would like you to provide a few sentences or a paragraph to accompany the work. It may also include an image if you believe that is important for conveying the information. We will print and display these next to the work on the wall label.

This annual exhibition allows us to see a wide range of techniques, images, and interpretations of the same request. 

I look forward to pulling back the curtain to get a glimpse at these creative sparks which have propelled you forward in your artmaking.

Kimberly Henrikson
Executive Director




Jacob Lewis, President, Pace Prints

Lewis was named President of Pace Prints in February of 2019 after concurrently holding the position of Director and running the Jacob Lewis Gallery for the previous 4+ years. Lewis has maintained a lengthy career with Pace Prints which began as early as 2001 with an internship, building significant relationships with artists throughout his time there and expanding the diversity of artists published by the gallery. 





Only original fine art monotypes, monoprints, and edition prints are eligible. Traditional printmaking mediums such as woodcut, intaglio, lithography, and silkscreen are eligible, as are digital prints. Drawings, photographs, and direct reproductions of drawings and paintings are not eligible. All prints must be signed in pencil by the artist. Paper size may not exceed 30 x 22 inches (full sheet). Prints must have been created since January 1, 2019, and must not have been previously exhibited at CCP. Each member may submit one original print. All prints must be for sale.

Entry Fee:

A $20 fee per artist is required to help defray the costs of the exhibition.

Prizes and Awards:

BEST IN SHOW: Solo exhibition in the Center’s Lithography Studio to coincide with the 2020 Annual Members’ Exhibition (dates to be announced).

SECOND PRIZE: Half-day with CCP Printer

HONORABLE MENTIONS: One-day studio rental

BINNIE BIRSTEIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS: 2 Awards of $250 each to be put towards a CCP workshop