Open today 12-5pm

Construct/Deconstruct: Karen Vogel Solo Show

December 9, 2018 through January 27, 2019

Best in Show Award recipient, Karen Vogel,  will be exhibited in CCPS Lithography Studio

The personal language underlying the foundation of Karen Vogel’s monoprints is structural, narrative, and organic in nature.

Vogel’s process involves a layered progression of textures and patterns which draw on the languages of typography, architecture, and organic forms. Constructing forms of order, then deconstructed reveal an underlying tension between the order and chaos that resonates throughout our daily lives.

“As I am working I am constantly adding and subtracting shapes, color, texture, keeping the print open and alive. Typographical, architectural and organic elements are submerged, revealed and subtracted from one another. Only what remains is defined by what has been taken away. How each shape, gesture is balanced by the next move generates a tension between cohesion and disorder.”