Open tomorrow 9am-5pm

9th Biennial FOOTPRINT International Exhibition

Through Sunday, August 25


LOCATION: Grace Ross Shanley Gallery

EXHIBITION DATES: June 2 – August 25, 2024

JUROR: Laurel Garber, Park Family Assistant Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

OPENING RECEPTION: Sunday, June 2, 2024, 2-4 PM

Image: Sumi Perera, M.C. Escher’s Handkerchief 2, 2024.

The Center for Contemporary Printmaking’s Biennial FOOTPRINT International Competition is an opportunity for the presentation of current trends and innovations in contemporary printmaking within the bounds of the one square foot (12” x 12”) configuration. The square format was uncommon in art until the advent of abstraction, and presents distinct challenges of composition and expression. Within these precise limits, artists must confront a space and create visual order and formal structure.

All fine-art printmaking mediums are eligible for the competition, including woodcut, intaglio, lithography, screenprint, monotype, and original digital media. For 2024, juror Laurel Garber reviewed 394 submissions from artists all over the world. Of these, she selected 95 prints for inclusion in the exhibition. They represent 13 international artists and 73 artists based in the United States.

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First Place: Joanna Anos, Testament, 2024, Drypoint
Second Place: Ernie Wood, Long Ago and Here Today, 2021, Linocut
Third Place: Sachin Pannuri, Cosmic Love, 2024, Etching and Aquatint


Thomas C Bennett, Stoic, 2023, Monotype
Andrew DeCaen, Gravity and Time, 2024, Collage Screenprint and Lithograph
Kate Hanlon, Alice, Watering, 2023, White Line Woodcut
Julie Lapping Rivera, Roberta Cowell, 2021, Woodcut
Tate Klacsmann, Squid and Boat, 2024, Linocut and Monoprint (Binnie Birstein Scholarship Award)


Christine Aaron, NY
Arlynn Abseck, NY
Diane Abt, CA
Robin Adler, NY
Karen Adrienne, ME
Jill AnnieMargaret, ID
Cynthia Back, Portugal
Gerard Bastien, France
Eugenie Lewalski Berg, MA
Charlie Bloede, CA
Scott Bricher, CT
Karen Brussat Butler, CT
Helen Cantrell, CT
Bailey Cardinal, CT
Kyle Chaput, TX
Diane Cherr, NY
Penny Dell, NY
Lynn Doran, CA
Katharine Draper, CT
Janine Duns, Canada
Liz Egan, CT
Sheila M Fane, NY
Leslee Fetner, NJ
Cindi Ford, MI
Sally Frank, NY
Jenni Freidman, CT
Elissa Freud, MA
Patricia L Giraud, OR
Gregory Hayes, LA
Sharon Hayes, MA
Susan Henderson, FL
Nina Jordan, NY
Gali Katz, CT
Ellen Lazarus, NY
Lynne Lederman, NY
Channing Lefebvre, NY
Joni Levy Liberman, MA
Inna Linov, CT
Kim Ly, CT
Joan Macfarlane, CT
Pip Milton, Australia
Alex Montes, Canada
Carolin Mueller, Jerusalem
Yoshiaki Murakami, Japan
Misako Oba, NY
Shunka Okubo, Japan
Helen Pasternack, NY
Sumi Perera, England
Jonathan Pinto, MA
Johnny Plastini, CO
Meira Pomerantz, NJ
Rachel Ramirez, Portugal
Aric Russom, MA
Deborah Sacks, CT
K Sarrantonio, NY
Esther Schwalb, NY
Lee Seinfeld, CT
Roxanne Sexauer, CA
Merrill Shatzman, NC
Larry Sheffield, NY
Lynita Shimizu, CT
Stephanie Slate, PA
Mike Sonnichsen, ID
Pat Stevens, OR
Rebecca Strabo, WA
Judith Sturm, Spain
Patrick Sumner, CA
Gilead Tadmor, MA
Mary Terrizzi, CT
Ann Tetelman, NY
Sergei Tsvetkov, MA
Karen Vogel, CT
Sally Weatherill, England
Hugh Whittaker, Australia
Cynthia Woolever Molinari, KY
Angela Zammarelli, MA
Nancy Zarider, CT
Leo Zhao, RI