Open today until 5pm

8th Biennial FOOTPRINT International Exhibition 2022

June 5 through August 28, 2022


LOCATION: Grace Ross Shanley Gallery

EXHIBITION: June 5, 2022 – August 28, 2022

JUROR: Jeff Bergman, Ryan Lee & Mary Ryan Galleries

OPENING RECEPTION: Sunday, June 5, 2022, 2-4 PM




The Center for Contemporary Printmaking’s 8th Biennial FOOTPRINT International Exhibition includes 85 prints by artists representing 13 countries as selected by invited juror, Jeff Bergman. Artists were asked to submit original prints measuring exactly 12” x 12” for consideration. CCP received submissions of 305 prints by 178 artists demonstrating current trends and innovations in printmaking within the challenging space of a precise limit. In response to the work submitted, Bergman states “Gathering a group of approximately 300 prints together reveals the common themes found in art the world over: landscape, portrait, narrative composition and abstraction. Nearly one hundred works on paper, one foot square each, exemplify the art and artists of contemporary printmaking…Images rendered shadowy in etching, fluid in monotype and bright and brilliant in a variety of relief processes reveal a constellation of printmakers in the galaxy …of today’s working artists.” The exhibition is on view in CCP’s Grace Ross Shanley Gallery through August 28, 2022.

Juror Jeff Bergman reviewed 305 print submissions from 178 artists representing eighteen countries. Bergman selected 85 works from 79 artists representing 19 states and 12 countries.


IMAGE: David Tim, Look Both Ways, Woodcut with collage, First Place




FIRST PLACE, David Tim, Look Both Ways, Woodcut with collage
SECOND PLACE, Yukio Ito, The Parade of Memories II,  Mezzotint
THIRD PLACE, DeAnn Prosia, Oasis, Etching


Shirley Bernstein, Rolling Out, Woodcut
Sandie Collins, Gravity, Linocut
Allison Conley, Flashpoint, Lithograph with monoprint collage
Barry O’Keefe, Lillie Estes, Woodcut
Yasmine Shash, Eerie Sunday, Woodcut
Lynita Shimizu, Sunbreak, Mokuhanga woodcut
Cleo Wilkinson, Encounter, Mezzotint
Brandon Williams, One Last Thing, Intaglio
Nobuko Yamasaki, Big Catch, Mokuhanga woodcut



Souleima Basha, Canada/ Linda Beeman, MI/ Shirley Bernstein, CT/ Colleen Blackard, TX/ Georg Bothe, Germany/ Laurie D Brown, WA/ Elizabeth Busey, IN/ Karen Brussat Butler, CT/ Sandra Cardillo, MA/ Dorothy Cochran, NJ/ Sandie Collins, Canada/ Allison Conley, CT/ Christiaan Diedericks, South Africa/ Adell Donaghue, MA/ Katharine Draper, CT/ Sarah E Donovan, CT/ Juan Escudero, Spain/ William Evertson, CT/ MB Flanders, MA/ Cindi Ford, MI/ Donald Furst, NC/ Patricia Giraud, OR/ Teresa Gomez-Martorell, Spain/ Brittany Gorelick, OH/ Nolwenn Heyraud, NY/ Elizabeth Higgins, CT/ Kate Higley, ME/ Eeva Huotari, Finlan/ Yukio Ito, Japan/ Martha Ives, NY/ John Johnson, CT/ Nina Kreis, Brazil/ Nancy Lasar, CT/ Ellen Lazarus, NY/ Colin Lyons, NY/ Katie Maier, GA/ Susan Martin, NC/ Natalia Mejia, VA/ Mary Anne Molcan, Canada/ Joseph Moore, MA/ Craig Morgan, DC/ Meaghan Morrow, CT/ Yoshiaki Murakami, Japan/ Barry O’Keefe, VA/ Donna Padian, VA/ Gina Palmer, NY/ Heidi Palmer, CT/ Scott Parker, NM/ Albert Pema, France/ Sumi Perera, United Kingdom/ Michael Piotrowski, NY/ Shealagh Pope, Canada/ Tatiana Potts, TN/ DeAnn Prosia, NJ/ Melanie Rice, CT/ Ellen Roberts, ME/ Lucia Rocha, Mexico/ Yasmine Shash, Egypt/ Lynita Shimizu, CT/ Christopher Shore, NY/ Nomi Silverman, CT/ Mike Sonnichsen, ID/ Pat Stevens, OR/ Patrick Sumner, CA/ Melinda Tepler, NY/ David Tim, CA/ Adrian Tio, MA/ Marjorie Tomchuk, CT/ Anna Trojanowska, Poland/ Mj Viano Crowe, ME/ Annie Wassmann, MI/ Ann Widdup, Australia/ Cleo Wilkinson, Australia/ Brandon Williams, TN/ Tina Wohlfarth, Germany/ Cynthia Woolever Molinari, KY/ Nobuko Yamasaki, MI