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What is MONOTHON? 

Each year the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk hosts MONOTHON: a two-part celebration of monotype printmaking and CCP’s largest fundraising effort. Now in its twenty-first year, MONOTHON kicks off with a printing week held at the Center’s printmaking studios: a whirlwind of creativity completely engulfing the Center. A selection of prints created during the printing week is then included in our MONOTHON Auction and Benefit Party.

What is a monotype print? 

A monotype is made by drawing or painting with ink or paint directly onto a printing plate, then placing paper over the surface and passing it through a press resulting in a unique work of art. 

As defined by The Complete Printmaker: Techniques/Traditions/Innovations authored by John Ross, Clare Romano, and Tim Ross —

“The monotype is an intriguing hybrid among printmaking techniques. It is neither a print nor a painting but a unique combination of both. The method is aptly named because it is one image (mono), painted or drawn with oil paint, water-based paint, or printer’s ink directly onto a plate and then transferred to paper.”



Artists schedule intensive, five-hour sessions at CCP during the designated printing week where they are paired with acclaimed printers, creating original artworks called monotypes. Each artist, beginner and experienced alike, is fully assisted by the printer allowing the artists to focus singularly on their own personal expression without worrying about operating the printing press. All materials are provided, and artists may create up to ten prints during their session. At the end of the session, one print from the artist is selected for exhibition and sale at the Auction and Benefit Party. Participating artists keep the remainder of their prints. 


Who Participates? 

MONOTHON is a genuine community, regional, and national endeavor. Artists and the public from as far away as California come to participate as artists, printing assistants, and volunteers. Up to 8 artists each day take part in the marathon, producing hundreds of prints. MONOTHON is a great opportunity for beginning, emerging, and established artists to come together to work, experiment and make prints in CCP’s professional studio setting. For the past several years MONOTHON has generated interest from more than 150 artists. 


The Importance of MONOTHON 

The MONOTHON is the preeminent fundraiser of the Center for Contemporary Printmaking. The funds raised underwrite CCP’s outreach for youth programs, local outreach efforts, exhibitions, artist residencies, and studio improvements. 


Each year CCP has increased participation from artists, visitors, volunteers and collectors. This enhances CCP’s profile and assures that the event is not only a successful fundraiser, but also one of the best parties in town, and a great opportunity for collectors to purchase quality art at affordable prices. Previous MONOTHON’s have raised between $85,000 and $100,000: close to a quarter of the Center’s operating budget. 


The Auction and Benefit Party is an evening of fun, food and fabulous art. Original works by more than 150 leading and emerging artists will be available for purchase at live and silent auctions. In recent years attendees took home art by acclaimed artists Jasper Johns, Kiki Smith, Jim Dine, Barbara Takenaga, Bill Jacklin, Jill Moser, Brian Alfred, Richard Haas, Lisa Breslow, James McNeil Whistler, and others. The silent auction provides opportunities for collectors to participate in the auctioning of fabulous artworks starting at accessible price points for all. 


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