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Night Visions: Printing Darkness

January 18 through March 3, 2007

Curator: Anthony Kirk

Exhibits the prints of more that 40 artists printing darkness

Opening Reception: January 18th

Night Vision: Printing Darkness exhibits the prints of more than forty artists who have printed the tones of darkness illuminated by either natural or electrified means. The moon is one leitmotif rising and falling throughout this exhibition, casting its cool light on many of the rural and urban scenes on view. The starry night sky, the foaming phosphorescence of a turbulent sea, the glow of a campfire, and even hovering fireflies are all here, as is the disquieting light of nightmarish dreams. The electric lights of more than a thousand windows and searchlights projecting their far-reaching beams make for a scene of a city with illuminated spires, which is at once beautiful and hauntingly lonely. In contrast, those prints that depict a solitary light emanating from a country farmhouse seem reassuring and inviting.

This exhibition is the largest thematic survey undertaken by the Center for Contemporary Printmaking. I am grateful for the generous loans of works from all of the participating artists, their galleries, and their publishers. If not for their cooperation, the shadowy theme of this exhibition would not have been so well revealed.

Anthony Kirk