Open today 12-5pm

E Pluribus Unum: From Many, One

September 16 through November 25, 2018

Opening Reception Sunday, September 16th from 2-4PM in the Grace Ross Shanley Gallery at CCP

This exhibition is built around the idea of our shared humanity demonstrating the diversity of experiences, personalities, representations of people in our world.

The artworks included in this show are all contemporary figurative prints chosen for the way they present the subject without limiting the variety of printmaking processes used by the various artists. In doing so, the works offer a visual example of how varied people can be, one person to the next, and will activate the gallery space by bringing gallery visitors together with the figures in the artworks on display. Not only will the subjects reflect a diversity of ways that artists approach the human figure but the artists represented will be diverse in nationality, age, gender, race, career, and more. The exhibition will include work by Nicole Eisenman, Swoon, Daniel Heyman, Alison Saar, Lesley Dill, David Altmejd, Dana Schutz, Chitra Ganesh, and others.

We live in a time when it is critical that dialogue and respect among people of differing backgrounds and viewpoints must happen. The ways in which people are becoming more and more divided in their local communities and around the world are isolating increasingly greater numbers of people from each other and eliminating opportunities for expressing differing opinions. Recognizing and allowing space for these differences to inform and develop new ways of thinking becomes ever more challenging as evidenced by divisive politics here in the U.S. and around the world, extreme and ever-increasing economic imbalances, and the polarizing of information distribution and lack of trust it engenders. This space will be an open environment for anyone to come and be one among the many.

Image credit(top right): Dana Schutz, Poisoned Man, 2006, 30.5 x 25.5 inches, sheet, 21.5 x 17.5 inches, image, Prints and multiples, Color woodblock print, Edition of 50 created at the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies, Columbia University, NY

Image credit(bottom left to right): Elizabeth Peyton, RM, (Blue), 2007, 17 x 13 inches, etching with aquatint on blue Mangiani pesci paper, Edition of 15 printed at Two Palms Press; Swoon, Sonia, 2017, 33 x 28 inches, Intaglio, surface roll and hand painted collage, varied edition of 14 printed at Tandem Press; Meg Turner, Self-Portrait as Marlon Brando; Nicole Eisenman, 2018, Picabia Filter II, Intaglio with drypoint, 15.6 x9 inches, Edition of 15 printed at 10 Grand Press