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High School Student Fellowship Program

This program is for high school juniors and seniors who have a demonstrated ability and appreciation for art and a shown desire to learn printmaking. It is modeled after traditional apprenticeship programs, where students are immersed in the skill development of a particular medium. Students learn various techniques of printmaking, introduced to the technical end of creating prints, as well as how a studio is set up and run and the language of art and printmaking. Participating students are expected to produce a portfolio of prints and editions, suitable for the college application process. All materials are paid for by the Center. The classes meet once a week throughout the academic year.

There is the potential to participate in a second year of the program. In this second year, students are expected to define, plan, budget, and complete a project by the end of the year. There is an exhibition at the end of the year which the students help organize and hang, as well as write an artist’s statement. Second-year students also are expected to help incoming students with their prints.

Click here to apply for the Grace Ross Shanley Fellowship Program


Application Requirements

  1. Completed application form
  2. 5 examples of student’s work
  3. Letter of recommendation


College Internships

College students have the opportunity to work for academic credit as a part of the Center’s Internship Program. The Center also accommodates recent college graduates looking for printmaking experience. Students and graduates with an art or printmaking background are preferred, and other backgrounds will be considered.

Click here to apply to our College Internship Program


Application requirements

  1. Completed application form
  2. Two references
  3. Current resume
  4.  One to three paragraphs describing your interest in an internship at CCP