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CCP’s Editions Club is an annual subscription program providing a unique opportunity for emerging and more established collectors to grow their print collections. For a $75 per year subscription, CCP will regularly release selections of prints from artists for sale at a special pre-publication price only to Editions Club subscribers. Editions will vary in size and be available to subscribers on a first-come/first-served basis. Editions Club members do not have to purchase all of the prints through the year but will have the ability to see the prints before purchase and decide which to buy. CCP will also distribute opportunities for other print purchases exclusively to the members of the Editions Club.

A portion of the subscription fee insures greater support for young printmakers by funding our summer Editions Club Fellowship Program. Through this program, CCP invites a talented high school senior pursuing a fine arts degree to come to the Center to develop and complete a fully paid for print edition project. Your participation in the Editions Club insures that we continue to develop and sustain an important part of the Center’s educational mission for prints and printmaking artists.

To become a member of CCP’s Editions Club, either:

  • Contact CCP’s Membership Coordinator, Jackie Akers at:
    203-899-7999 /
  • Click the PayPal link below