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William Evertson

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Narratives of love, greed, hubris, and the fatally flawed cross both time and cultures. These stories inform the histories, mythologies, and folklore that inspire my work. By recognizing repetitive patterns from the past and juxtaposing them with current events, I aim to give a new voice to familiar tales.​

I collage and refine these themes and images in Photoshop, then transfer my vision to woodcut and relief printing. Carving a block of wood may seem out of sync with the 21st century. To me, this slower process of chipping away a wood panel creates an expressive surface rich with accident, blemish, and imperfection. It immediately transcends my starting place, the perfect computer-created ideal, and tightens my relationship to the source imagery. – William Evertson

William Evertson is a Connecticut-based artist and printmaker working with large-scale woodblock printing, book arts, and sculpture.  His work is exhibited regionally as well as internationally. He is currently represented by Childs Gallery of Boston, MA.


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