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DeAnn L. Prosia

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"I have always been fascinated how society has historically built beautiful and interesting architecture to fill the needs of people and their everyday lives. With my etchings I'm structurally creating images by building up layers of line to create tone. Recently I'm finding myself interested in complex structures in less recognizable locations hoping people will focus on the technique and detail I've built up through my cross hatching and construction of my work.

I use only lines in my work, mostly crosshatching.  With a needle, I draw through a wax barrier that’s rolled onto a copper plate (called the ground).  I place the copper plate in an acid bath that etch lines into the plate.  Shallow lines (6 minutes or less) or deep ones (up to an hour) hold the ink that is worked into them.  When printed, these light and dark areas create the image and give a beautiful textural feel to the pieces.  I believe that this type of medium and my line work is a perfect match for my subject matter as it is architectural in itself." - DeAnn L. Prosia


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