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Bonnie Johnson

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Life’s intricacies captured through printmaking.

I find inspiration everywhere. Very simply...I notice a scene or an interesting flower or texture and I want to share it through my art.

Drawing on technical aspects derived from a professional career as an art director, graphic designer, illustrator and art teacher I am currently painting in oil and watercolor and working with a contemporary non-toxic printmaking technique, Silk Aquatint. I continue to explore a combination of traditional and non-traditional methods of producing art where boundaries between printmaking, drawing, and painting are obscured or do not exist.

Certified as a botanical illustrator from the New York Botanical Gardens I find that nature inspires me to explore texture, color and attitude of landscapes and the plant life that surrounds us.

Flowers are of particular interest to me offering endless possibilities to feed my soul!

Silk Aquatint is an intaglio printmaking technique where finely woven silk fabric is laminated to a rigid backing. I then create a painted image on the silk surface with an acrylic paint and medium mixture. The intaglio “plate” is then traditionally inked and carefully wiped, then printed on dampened paper on an etching press.

Wonderful textures and rich tones can be achieved and small variable editions can be made. Each print is done by hand and is a unique piece of art. – Bonnie Johnson