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Infinite Lithography: Reuseable Plate

Instructor: Liz Bannish
Jul 14 - Jul 17
10am – 4pm, 4-day workshop
Class size 4-6, All Levels
$425 member, $475 non-member

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The art of lithography is usually  performed as a stringent set of protocols that have remained relatively unchanged since they were introduced by Johann Alois Senefelder in the 1790s. However, modern technologies and chemistries have been introduced that allow more flexibility to the individual printer’s needs. One approach to modern lithography utilizes reusable aluminum plates and chemistry sourced from non-petroleum origins. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to prepare these aluminum plates, learn the many options for drawing and creating washes, and practice incorporating less-toxic products into the process of lithography under the guidance of the instructor in this intensive workshop. 



Image: Liz Bannish, Dick likes chowder/The sun sets on Dick, Offset monotype and lithograph



LIZ BANNISH is an artist and printmaker who has been training professionally in the arts since 2009. Her work touches on themes of marine fables, humans at sea, feminine power, and nature’s revenge. Liz’s personal prints have been shown on a national scale from Los Angeles to New York, and in mediums from fine art prints, to photographs, to alternative processes. She was the Printmaking and Photo Technician for Smith College in Northampton, MA for five years. Previously, she has trained as Apprentice Printer at Wingate Studio in NH and conducted workshops for the Southern Graphics Council. She earned her BFA in Printmaking from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, receiving the John Roy second best in show award for her senior thesis exhibition in 2011. Visit Liz at and instagram @spurdogmcbeasty

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  • Printmaking Paper (for purchase at CCP)
  • Sketchbook/ Notebook
  • #4 Korn’s Litho crayon (can be purchased at CCP)
  • Drawing 15” x 22” or smaller to work from
  • Portfolio to transport work
  • Roll of paper towels