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Instructor: Lauren Cardenas
Visiting Instructor

June 14, 15, 10 AM – 4 PM

2-day course, Wednesday – Thursday

Class size 4-6, All Levels

$285 Members, $335 Non-members

*Cost includes most needed materials and instruction

Pronto Plate Lithography is an inexpensive and less-toxic way to create a lithograph. Pronto Plate is a much lower-stakes and faster moving introduction to lithography, allowing for greater accessibility of experimentation. In this workshop, we will cover the basic tenets of pronto plate lithography including plate creation and processing, inking and printing, registration, and more. The participants will utilize inexpensive materials such as ballpoint pens, sharpie markers, or laser jet printing to obtain unique or editionable prints that can easily incorporate hand drawn or photographic elements, or both!  

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LAUREN CARDENAS is a Texas native and studio artist focusing on print media. Cardenas holds a BA in Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing from Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX; she has completed the Tamarind Institute Printer Training Program and holds an MFA in Visual Art from Washington University in St. Louis. Her artwork has been exhibited at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, Des Lee Gallery, Open House Galleries, Granite City Arts and Design District in St. Louis, Ralph Arnold Gallery in Chicago, IL, and The Luminary in St. Louis, MO. She was the University of Nevada, Reno, Black Rock Press Redfield Fellow 2016-2018. Lauren currently resides in Baton Rouge, LA, as the Assistant Professor of Printmaking at Louisiana State University School of Art.

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Image: Lauren Cardenas, “Ojo Por Ojo”, 2023