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Planographic Printing: A Crash Course in Aluminum-Plate Lithography

Instructor: Andrew Murdoch
Friday, February 9 through Sunday, February 11
3-Day Workshop, 10am – 4pm   
Class size 4-8, Intermediate Levels
$375 members, $425 non-members

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Aluminum-Plate lithography is a variation on traditional stone lithography. Some advantages of the aluminum plate are the expedience of image processing, the lighter weight of the matrix, and the ability to print on either an etching press or a lithography press. Participants will produce 1-3 images over the three-day workshop, able to be pulled in small editions. In this workshop, a variety of drawing methods and materials will be covered.

ANDREW MURDOCH, originally from the Northeast,received his BA from Bennington College in 2008 and most recently his MFA from Texas A&M University: Corpus Christi. Primarily a printmaker, Murdoch works in a variety of mediums ranging from welded steel to porcelain casting slip. Much of his works are driven by a fascination with the archaic and the bizarre, including ancient texts, outdated film formats, and the space between waking and dreaming.Murdoch is currently working with various N.E.A. Grant artists at the CCP, aiding in the creation of imagery and printing editions in both intaglio and lithographic mediums.

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Image:  Andrew Murdoch, In the Rain, Plate Lithograph


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  • Notebook/ Sketchpad
  • Drawing materials
  • Sumi/ watercolor brushes
  • Printmaking paper (for purchase at CCP)
  • Litho Crayons (for purchase at CCP) #1-5
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