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Instructor: Liz Bannish

July 11, 13, 15, 18, & 20, 2022, 11:00 – 1:00PM



FREE TO MEMBERS, $75 Non-members


To keep health and safety a priority for artists in our studios, CCP is granting free access to this workshop for current members.Please email to RSVP for this workshop.



As a bonus for attendance, registration for this workshop grants a 1-year CCP Individual/Artist-level membership to any registrant that is not currently a member. Learn more about our Membership Program HERE.


Join CCP Studio Manager Liz Bannish for a five-day overview on the hazards of printmaking materials and how to interpret State and Federal standards into a safety pedagogy for your print studio.

This webinar, presented as a series of lectures, is geared towards technicians, professors, and those responsible for the oversight of a community studio. We will dive into concepts of chemical and physical hazards, toxicology, and industrial requirements of the institutional studio. We will also review the OSHA and EPA regulations that apply to employers and their responsibility to their workers.

How do you effectively convey potential hazards to your workers and students?  Do you have an action plan for emergencies? Do you know how to choose the right Personal Protective Equipment for the chemicals your students are using? We will cover all of that and more, including signs and symptoms of chemical exposure, how to navigate uncooperative group dynamics, and a brief dissection of the governing bodies that create the state and federal policies that we as institutions are obligated to follow.This webinar will be mostly printmaking-related, but other artistic methods may be discussed.

To prioritize health and safety in our studios, CCP is offering this webinar free to our current membership. All other participants who sign up for this webinar will be granted a free, one-year’s membership at CCP.

CCP is offering two versions of this webinar; a second offering, specific to the needs of the individual artist working from a home or personal studio, is being offered earlier in the year in May 2022 (see our Online Instruction page for details).


LIZ BANNISH oversees the OSHA compliance program at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking. She was trained by world renowned chemical hygienist and art activist Monona Rossol and maintained OSHA compliance at Smith College in Northampton, MA for five years in conjunction with Smith’s Laboratory Safety and Compliance Director. Liz is an artist and printmaker who has been training professionally in the arts since 2009. Her work uses themes of feminine power, anti-capitalism, and anxiety, usually wrapped in marine imagery. Liz’s personal prints have been shown on a national scale and in mediums from fine art prints, to photographs, to alternative processes. She was the Printmaking and Photo Technician for Smith College in Northampton, MA for five years. Previously, she has trained as Apprentice Printer at Wingate Studio in NH and conducted workshops for the Southern Graphics Council. She earned her BFA in Printmaking from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, receiving the John Roy second best in show award for her senior thesis exhibition in 2011.

Visit Liz at and instagram @lizbannish.