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Instructor: Yuji Hiratsuka
Visiting Instructor

August 15, 16, 17, 10 AM – 4 PM

3-day course, Tuesday – Thursday

Class size 4-6, All Levels  

$440 Members, $490 Non-members

*Cost includes most needed materials and instruction

Registration Deadline: August 1, 2023

This three-day workshop focuses on a distinct and engaging method of producing beautiful multi-color images from a single copper plate. The process begins with a deep etching printed in black, after which the plate is reclaimed and re-etched for subsequent printing in an additional color. Each color layer offers a creative juncture as the image evolves. Participants will concentrate on only two colors, but the process can be extended to include additional colors. Instructor will demonstrate and guide participants through the techniques and materials of this unique process, including paper and ink selection, registration tricks, and mounting the completed print on heavy rag paper for final presentation. Participants will also learn how to handle and print on thin washi (Kozo/mulberry) paper, Chine Collé method, and a variety of etching techniques, including low-tech photocopy transfer, marbling, spit bite, etc.

Image: Yuji Hiratsuka, “Eagle Angels”, 2023, Intaglio and Chine Colle, 12” x 9

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YUJI HIRATSUKA was born in Osaka, Japan. He has a B.S. in Art Education from Tokyo Gakugei University, and degrees in printmaking from New Mexico State University (MA) and Indiana University (MFA). He has been teaching printmaking and drawing since 1987 and until his retirement in 2022 served as a Professor of printmaking at Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR. Hiratsuka has received numerous international awards. Since 2010 he has had 13 solo shows in the US, as well as in Korea, Canada and Northern Ireland. Some of the public collections that include Hiratsuka’s art are The British Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, Tokyo Central Museum, Panstwowe Museum in Poland; The House of Humor and Satire in Bulgaria, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cleveland Art Museum, Portland Art Museum, New York Public Library, The Library of Congress and The Smithsonian’s Museum of Asian Art.

Visit Yugi at and instagram @hiratsuy.