Open tomorrow 9am-5pm

Monothon Wrap-Up

Instructor: Staff Master Printers
Monday, October 22 through Thursday, October 25
Monday-Thursday, 4-day Open studio, 10am-4pm
Class size 4-7, All Levels
$300 for 4 days, $90 per day

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Plan to be a part of the CCP creative community and help raise funds for the Center at the same time!

Use this time to finalize the hard work you’ve made during the MONOTHON2018 print week.

Staff Printers will be available to aid you through printing, overprinting, editing and curating work created during the Monothon Sessions in preparation for the Auction and Party on November 17th Saturday, 5:30pm – 8pm at the Carriage Barn Arts Center.

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