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Instructor: Paul DeRuvo
Through Saturday, November 16
10am – 4pm, 3-day workshop
Class size 4-6, All Levels
$425 member, $475 non-member

This workshop is designed as a practical guide to silk aquatint plate making and printing, with a focus on its ability to make inexpensive tonal images measuring 24” x 36” and larger. While participants can decide what is large scale in the context of their own work, they will be encouraged to work big and take advantage of the gestural qualities of these painterly prints. Participants will cover screen and substrate selection, adhering of the fabric over large areas, as well as the many acrylic mediums and their effects. Plate making will be non- toxic, and plates can be printed with either Akua Inks or oil-based inks. The goal will be individualized development and the realization of one ambitious project.


PAUL DERUVO  is an artist and printer living and working in Norwalk, Connecticut. They are currently the Associate Printer and Studio Manager at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking, where they began as an apprentice over 10 years ago. Paul graduated Cum Laude from Massachusetts College of Art and Design where they were awarded a full presidential scholarship to study printmaking. They then took classes at the Academy of Realist Art Boston continuing their dedication to classical drawing and representational artwork. Paul has exhibited work in New York City, Boston, San Francisco, and abroad. Paul then had a solo show, Love + Isolation, in Berlin, and completed an artist residence at the Ateliers im Alten Schlachthof in Sigmaringen, Germany. As a collaborative printer they have printed projects in the collection of the Museum of Fine arts Boston, The Academy Art Museum, The Boston Public Library and elsewhere.

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Image: Paul DeRuvo, Brushing, Silk aquatint

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  • Printmaking Paper (for purchase at CCP)
  • Roll of papertowels
  • Notebook/ sketchpad
  • Note making materials
  • Sharpie
  • Set of good acrylic brushes
  • Sleeve of dixi cups