Open today 12-5pm


Instructor: Liz Bannish

March 22nd, from 9AM – 3PM

1-day course, Wednesday

Class size 4-6, All Levels

$160 Members, $210 Non-members

Etching is among the oldest methods of image reproduction, and now enjoys a spot alongside other printmaking methods as a fine art in and of itself. A copper plate is first protected with a varnish. After scratching a drawing into the varnish, the artist submerges the plate in an acidic bath that corrodes the plate in the drawn areas. The plate is then cleaned, wiped with ink, and printed onto paper under pressure. Sound like a fun day? Sign up for this one-day introduction to the art of etching, and walk away with all the experience listed above, plus some finished prints!

You will learn each step of etching from plate prep, to image transfer and drawing, to etching, inking and wiping plates, and printing on an etching press. Experience the different levels of mark making using hard ground. Gain an understanding of common printmaking equipment, chemical safety, and studio set-up. Enjoy translating your artistry through this historical process that has remained relatively unchanged for centuries! All levels welcome.



LIZ BANNISH lives and works in Norwalk, CT as Studio Manager and Collaborative Printer for the Center for Contemporary Printmaking. She earned her BFA in Printmaking and Art History from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2011 with her award-winning show of stone lithographs. Afterward, she served as an intern for Zea Mays Printmaking, bringing their research in non-toxic printmaking to SGC San Francisco in 2013. She served as Printmaking and Photo Technician for Smith College in Northampton, MA for five years, running their printmaking studio, letterpress studio, photo darkrooms, and OSHA compliance programs. Liz has trained with masters Barry Moser (Pennyroyal Press), Peter Pettengill (Wingate Studios), and Liz Chalfin (Zea Mays Printmaking). Her personal work spans the media of sustainable and traditional printmaking and includes relief, etching, lithography, and alternative photography. When not getting her hands inky, Liz dives for the local aquarium.

Visit Liz at and instagram @lizbannish.


View the materials list

Workshop participants are asked to bring any reference material for drawing they may need/want. Come prepared to draw!

Participants may also bring their own paper if they so wish. Limited paper will be provided.


All the following materials are included in class price and will be provided:

1 copper plate, 6” x 9” 

4 sheets of 7.5”x 11″ paper


Putz pomade 

3 in 1 oil 

Hard ground and hard ground roller 

Degreaser liquid 


Ferric chloride bath 

Roll of shelf liner for backing 




Matboard inking cards 


Cleaning supply: paper towels, solvents, degreasers)


Other tools and equipment provided by CCP:



Rinse trays


Etching needles