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Instructor: Liz Bannish

May 17, 18, 19 from 9AM – 3PM + Open Studio 3pm – 5pm*

3-day course, Wednesday – Friday

Class size 4-6, All Levels

$425 Members, $475 Non-members

Cost includes most needed materials and instruction


Please email Workshop Coordinator Toni Miraldi at to be placed on the Waitlist.

Lithography is a method of printmaking that allows us to print highly detailed drawings from a flat plate that has not been carved or incised. Instead, the phenomenon of oil repelling water is what creates the image. Originally, printers would use leveled slabs of limestone for this process. This class will cover the more modern method of using grained aluminum plates.

Aluminum plates are great as they hold plenty of detail, accept wet or dry media, and are portable and light. Over this three day workshop, artists will learn how to create a one to two color lithograph from start to finish: drawing, chemical processing, press set up, registration, and printing the plate. Artists will also gain printing experience as press assistants for fellow participants. This workshop is designed to get artists feeling comfortable and independent with all the lithographic process, so arrive prepared to get inky!

All levels of artist experience are welcome to this workshop, but previous experience with printmaking is preferred due to the highly technical nature of lithography.

*Instruction will end at 3pm, but participants will have Open Studio time until 5pm to continue the day’s project and finish printing their work.

Questions? Please email Workshop Coordinator Toni Miraldi at


LIZ BANNISH lives and works in Norwalk, CT as Studio Manager and Collaborative Printer for the Center for Contemporary Printmaking. She earned her BFA in Printmaking and Art History from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2011 with her award-winning show of stone lithographs. Afterward, she served as an intern for Zea Mays Printmaking, bringing their research in non-toxic printmaking to SGC San Francisco in 2013. She served as Printmaking and Photo Technician for Smith College in Northampton, MA for five years, running their printmaking studio, letterpress studio, photo darkrooms, and OSHA compliance programs. Liz has trained with masters Barry Moser (Pennyroyal Press), Peter Pettengill (Wingate Studios), and Liz Chalfin (Zea Mays Printmaking). Her personal work spans the media of sustainable and traditional printmaking and includes relief, etching, lithography, and alternative photography. When not getting her hands inky, Liz dives for the local aquarium.

Visit Liz on instagram @lizbannish


View the materials list

Workshop participants are asked to bring any reference material for drawing they may need/want. Come prepared to draw!

Participants may also bring their own paper if they so wish. Limited paper will be provided.


All the following materials are included in class price and will be provided:

2 count 18”x 25.5” Ball-grained aluminum plate

4 ½ sheets of paper (15”x22”) 

Talc + brush

Litho etching chemistry (TAPEM, phosphoric acid, gum arabic)


Gum sponges

Shop towels

Soy Solv II
Printing sponges



Ink (Roll-up, Senefelder’s Crayon, Shop Mix)


Tympan grease

Nitrile gloves

Counter-etch solution


Other tools/materials provided by CCP:

Neoprene gloves, goggles, aprons

Hand fans

Ink (roll up, crayon black, and shop mix black)

Press + scraper bars + plate backer


Leather roller


Ph strips +digital meter