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Instructor: Sarah Amos
Friday, June 19 through Tuesday, June 23
10am – 4pm, 5-day workshop
Class size 6-8, All Levels
$750 member, $800 non-member

The registration has been closed to this workshop until further notice due to Covid-19. If you are interested in taking this workshop please email Meaghan Morrow at for more details about how this workshop will be effected by CCP’s temporary closure.




This workshop will focus on problems of printmaking. Through a combination of innovative techniques, participants will weave deep, rich, and interesting complexity into their prints. Sarah will demonstrate techniques such as pre-drawing and staining with paints before, during and after the print is being made, and printing on renegade and non-traditional surfaces like ordinary paper objects and special papers. While monoprint and collagraph will be the primary image vehicles, collage techniques and further drawing applications will also be covered as a means of adding further dimension within the work. The workshop will end with instruction on how to edit, curate, and make a large print by hand-stitching multiple smaller pieces together.


Image:Sarah Amos, Lift-off, Collagraph with hand stitching and fabric pen on acrylic felt


SARAH AMOS shows and works in the United States and her homeland of Australia. She is a Tamarind Institute Master Printer who is re-known for making large scale Collograph Prints, and Drawings. Amos was awarded The Joan Mitchell Prize for Painting in 2015 which changed her focus from paper to non-traditional printmaking materials like felt, canvas, linen and thread have now replaced gouache, ink, and paper. 

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  • Notebook/ Sketchpad
  • Drawing materials
  • Printmaking paper (for purchase at CCP)
  • Collagraph Board – cardboard 4 – 6ply white or cream only
  • Disposable brushes large and small
  • Water based medium brushes small and large
  • Material, cloth, cardboard, newspaper any paper that’s interesting or has texture
  • Your regular toolbox for printmaking
  • Needle and thread different color thread
  • Roll of paper towels