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Instructor: Paul DeRuvo
Through Thursday, June 4
10am – 4pm, 3-day workshop
Class size 4-8, All Levels
$400 member, $450 non-member

The registration has been closed to this workshop until further notice due to Covid-19. If you are interested in taking this workshop please email Meaghan Morrow at for more details about how this workshop will be effected by CCP’s temporary closure.




This direct contact drawing method can provide an easy transition into the world of print for those skilled in traditional drawing or watercolor practices. The technique involves building a matrix using water soluble substances drawn or painted onto dried Gum Arabic which is transferred onto dampened paper, solidifying the drawings and paintings into print format. Paul will provide instruction in the fundamentals of printing from Gum Arabic as well as ways of integrating this method of printing with other printmaking methods to create depth and complexity. 


Image: Paul DeRuvo,  Recollection xx, Watercolor Monotype


PAUL DERUVO is a nonbinary artist and printmaker whose work explores ideas about intimacy, gender, and the transfiguring appearance of love in our daily lives. Their images depict queer rituals of care and identity creation. Through their training in classical drawing and printmaking, they create devotional renderings of their own body and those close to them. When examined, their images call into question the presumed determinative nature of our bodies and the coded political significance of routine acts like dressing, cutting our hair, and adorning our bodies.


They have been trained as a printmaker from the age of 14 and graduated Cum Laude from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a degree in Printmaking. They have had solo shows in both the United States and Germany. They have recently been awarded residencies to further their development of large scale printmaking techniques at Atelier im Alten Schlachthof in Sigmaringen, Germany; St. Micheals Printshop in St. John, Newfoundland; and Atelier Circulaire in Montreal, Quebec. They have pursued a career as both a fine artist and a collaborative printer, and for the last 6 years worked on projects with numerous national and international artists in their role as Associate Printer at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking. They have collaborated on projects in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of art, the MFA Boston, Academy Art Museum, and the Boston Public Library, and are now pursuing independent publishing projects as well.



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  • Printmaking Paper (for purchase at CCP)
  • Notebook/ sketchpad
  • Note making materials
  • Sharpie
  • Water-soluble materials ( your preferred medium, could be watercolors, water soluble crayons, water soluble colored pencils, water soluble graphite)
  • Set of water color brushes
  • Reference materials