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Instructor: Bill Gauthier
Thursday, May 3 through Friday, May 4
2-day workshop, Thursday-Friday, 10am - 4pm
Class size 4-8, All Levels
$275 members, $325 non-members

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This workshop is custom designed for printmakers wanting to use genuine gold or silver leaf in their printing process. Participants will focus on pre and post print gilding and will also have the opportunity to experiment with mica and metallic powders. No previous gilding experience is necessary, and the workshop will accommodate most printmaking techniques. Participants are expected to bring examples of their work and prepare a statement on how they envision using gilding in their printed work so that the time can be tailored to their needs. In this hands-on workshop participants will be preparing paper and printing images on the first day, using their original master plates and images for their work.

Bill Gauthier is a native New York city resident – artist and gilder, In 20015 started his own company called Gilding NYC INC. Bill has been applying gold leaf on Glass, metal, fabric, plastic , paper since 1979. He developed gilding for printmakers in 1993 and exclusively uses techniques that he perfected for print making.

Visit Bill on his Instagram @gilding_nyc_inc

Image: Bill Gauthier, Gilded paper 

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