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Encaustic Collagraph

Instructor: Elise Wagner
Wednesday, September 19 through Thursday, September 20
Wednesday-Thursday, 2-day workshop, 10 AM -4 PM
Class size 4-8, All Levels
$350 members, $400 non-members

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This workshop is a thorough walkthrough of the encaustic collagraph method that Wagner herself pioneered. Participants will get the chance to break all the rules of encaustic; using significantly less wax, minimal fusing, layering with textiles and different line types; etched, dry point and relief. Wagner Encaustic Collagraph White Waxwill be used to build the surface and Akua Intaglio inks to print monoprints. The plates created can be reused and printed again and again, allowing the ability to work in limited editions, multiples, or series. Plates can be added to or scraped away at any point in the process making the options limitless.

ELISE WAGNER Originally from the New York area, Wagner has been a working artist based in Portland, Oregon for over 30 years. Since 1993, Wagner has been both an oil painter and an encaustic painter. Wagner pioneered encaustic collagraph printmaking which marries various encaustic techniques with those found in printmaking. The technique has been published in Encaustic Art: Creating Fine Art With Wax, Lissa Rankin, Watson Guptill and Mixed Media Workshop, Jean Pederson, Northlight Books. 

Wagner introduced the printmaking world to encaustic through a demo of her collagraph printmaking technique at the prestigious Southern Graphics Council International Conference in 2016. She also hand makes the specially formulated Wagner Encaustic Collagraph White. Wagner has also presented on two occasions at the International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown, MA. She has taught and demonstrated encaustic collagraph coast to coast and internationally including at Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, CT, MISSA, Victoria B.C., Truro Center for the Arts Cape Cod, MA, Burning Bones Press in Houston, Guanajuato, Mexico, Women’s Studio Workshop in upstate New York and the Printmaking Center of New Jersey. Wagner’s work is among private and corporate collections throughout the United States and was most recently published in Encaustic Art of the 21st Century, Schiffer Publishing. Wagner exhibits her work at galleries in Houston, Portland and Seattle.  

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Image: Elise Wagner, Aerial Oceanic 4, 2018, Encaustic collagraph monoprint on Encaustiflex 

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  • Rives BFK printmaking paper (3-6 sheets) (for purchase at CCP) 
  • Paper towels 
  • tacking iron and or wax writer if you have one. 
  • Metal tipped tools – anything to carve into the wax with 
  • etching needle 
  • textured fabrics or paper for embossing into the wax, these can be: templates, stencils, netting, string, anything with texture to try. 
  • (lace or fiberglass drywall tape are great examples of what textures to bring.) 
  • rubber tipped “Colour Shapers” for mark making on background monotype plates. 
  • Brushes for Akua inks–I recommend stencil brushes which work better than softer brushes for intaglio inking and printing. 


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