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On Leaf: Chlorophyll Prints

Instructor: Christopher Shore
August 19, 2020, 10:30–11:30AM EST
$15 Members and Non-members

Use the lush green foliage around you this summer to make unique and magical prints without leaving your backyard. In this online tutorial, Christopher will demonstrate how chlorophyll prints are made using this alternative photographic process. Many examples will be shown and a variety of methodologies will be covered including contact frame making, image creation, and troubleshooting. A material list is available below so you can create these prints on the next sunny day. 


Image: Christopher Shore, Photo print


CHRISTOPHER SHORE received his MFA in printmaking from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. He has studied printmaking in Venice and Florence. His work explores many traditional and non-traditional printmaking techniques and has been exhibited internationally. Chris is the Staff Master Printer at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking. Visit Chris at

View the materials list
  • Plant leaves
  • Copier acetate or inkjet film
  • Plexiglass sheets or heavy glass
  • Large bulldog clips or medium clamps/clips
  • Picture frame with glass and backing
  • Contact frame (optional)
  • Sunny day