Open Tuesday 9am-5pm


Instructor: Christopher Shore

February 23, March 2, 9, 16, 10AM – 4PM

Thursdays, 4-week workshop

Class size 4-8, All Levels

$400 Members, $450 Non-members

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An expansive and all encompassing term, collagraph or “collage print” is a complex and incredible flexible form of printmaking. Relatively non-toxic and very accessible due to the variety of materials that can be used, collagraph has a myriad of incarnations which we will address in this 4 week workshop. We will explore the techniques and materials often associated with collagraph but we will also touch on the unexpected and overlooked aspects of the medium which will include matrix choices and options, carving, collaging, sculpting, sealing, and printing both in relief and intaglio. The first two classes will focus on the creation of plates for both relief and intaglio printmaking while the final class will focus on printing techniques both with and without a press. No experience necessary.


Image: Christopher Shore, Collagraph Test Plate, 2021

CHRISTOPHER SHORE is an artist printmaker who lives and works in the Greater New York area. His work explores many types of traditional and non-traditional printmaking techniques and has been exhibited in numerous group shows throughout Tri-State Area and in venues around the world. Recently Christopher’s work has been included in the 9th Duoro Biennal Print Exhibition 2018 in Douro, Portugal, and in a solo exhibition in Shanghai, China in 2016. His work has been in exhibitions at the Katonah Museum of Art (NY), the University of Richmond Museum (VA), the Southampton Arts Center (NY), Arkansas State University (AR), and The Painting Center, NYC. In 2002, he was selected to present his work to the New York Print Club at The National Arts Club in NY as part of their Annual Showcase. Christopher is a graduate of Colby College and the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where in 2001, he was awarded a Masters in Fine Arts Degree with a concentration in printmaking. As well as being an instructor, Chris is a collaborative printer working with internationally renowned artists as well as those who are still emerging. Many of these collaborations have been showcased in prestigious galleries, exhibitions and museums, often winning awards and recognition. Christopher is currently the Staff Master Printer at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, CT.

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List of materials that will be covered in class


—No need to purchase everything—


Cardboard, mat-board, the backing of pads of paper, chipboard, plexiglass, cintra, thin wood, etc

Different kinds of adhesive tape, artist tape, packing tape, masking tape,  

Adhesive stickers, labels, etc 

Self adhesive aluminum foil duct tape

Contact paper, any kind, smooth, textured

Copy paper, construction paper, various textures, weight, and smoothness

Corrugated cardboard

Popsicle sticks, toothpicks, skewers


Sharp knife, X-Acto blades, single edge razor blades, scalpel, matt knife 

Sharp scissors 

Self healing cutting mat 

Sand paper (extra-fine – fine – coarse)


Clear or amber shellac 

Acrylic medium gloss and matte medium (Goldens, Liquitex, etc..)

Spray shellac, spray varnish, clear spray paint 

Polycryl sealant/varnish



Heavy body acrylic gel or paste

Modeling paste/molding paste

PVA/Elmers glue/Sobo Glue 


Carborundum grits (various size partices 80-400)

Disposable brushes, foam or bristle 

String, twine, thread, ribbon, lace, trim 

Various low dimensional objects 

Thin materials that can be glued 

Organza, silkscreen mesh, burlap, or other fabrics

Textured wallpapers 

Textured mat board