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Instructor: Emily Martin

August 14th, 6 PM – 9 PM

1-day online course, Monday

Class size 4-12, All Levels

$50 Members & Non-Members


The goal of this workshop is to understand the fundamentals of relief printing. We will be covering the carving and printing process as well as learn about different tools and techniques in hand printing. At the end of this at-home, one-day workshop, you will have the fundamental skills to create dynamic multi-layered patterns on paper and fabric:

– Transfer imagery to a Speedy Carve block

– Understand how to use carving tools

– Set up a proper printing station

– Mix printing inks and creating a gradient roll

– Design dynamic repeat and layered textile designs using multi-colors.

Please see the materials list for required materials. Workshop participants will need to purchase their own materials.

EMILY MARTIN is an installation artist, weaver, textile designer, and educator currently working out of Long Island, NY. Drawing inspiration from things like rotting wood, moss growing on tree bark, or cracks in the sidewalk, Martin strives to create multimedia work that incorporates mundane, natural textures in a new context by both abstracting its qualities and highlighting the relationship between pattern and color. Emily is passionate about sharing her love of color, texture, pattern, and textiles with others. When Emily is not in her studio, she can be found hiking and enjoying nature while gathering more inspiration.

Visit Kate at or on instagram @martie_art

View the materials list
  • For this Online-only course, Participants will need the following materials: 
    • Speedball inks (for fabric + paper printing) 
    • Speedy Carve Blocks
    • Rubber brayer
    • Power grip carving tools 
    • Plexiglass/acrylic sheet
    • Cotton fabric
    • Cardstock or other various papers 
    • Printer paper
    • Graphite pencil or ballpoint pen
    • Transfer paper